Gillete Razors and The Onion’s take on Gillette

So I’ve always thought the mach 3 turbo power ultra hyperfighting championship edition was a great razor, but I’ve wanted to try something else. Plus, I’ve noticed that coupons and sales only seem to be on the new fusion. So this Sunday, when I was running down to my last razor blade anyways, I was relieved when I saw Gillette’s Fusion – BAM! – right in the coupon section. $4 off a new fusion razor, $2 off cartridges, and $1 off shaving cream. Yes!So I grab these coupons, jump in my car, and hit downtown laurel

CVS had a sale for the actual Fusion Razor for $8.99 so with my $4 off coupon, the price went down to $5. Slickdeal right? well, almost. I went down to Giant afterwards and they had the Razor for $7.99. Damnit! Why earth? Why?! To make things worse, I didn’t get the Gillette Fusion Power razor, just the normal Gillette Fusion razor. And with the complications of the coupon, I can’t just return and exchange. But, I did find the shave in my Fusion to be better than the Mach 3 Power’s so maybe I’m ok stopping here and not jumping on the Power bandwagon. I’m trying to resist my urge to get the Fusion Power because I (along with probably everyone else in the world) can’t help but wonder, “what if the shave can get even smoother?”

There’s also another issue. I bought the Fusion Power cartridges by accident (again, I didn’t realize they brought out a Fusion Power too!). So now I’m like.. uhhh.. what do I do. I can’t return and exchange these either because of the $2 coupon which brought the price down to.. I Think $12ish for 4 – which is weird, becuase.. bear with me here… with the $4 off coupon and sale razor prices, you’re better off paying $4 (after coupon) for a new razor which comes with two cartridges already than… stay with me guys… using a $2 coupon for a pack of 4 blades (which unlike the razor + 2 cartridges, are never on sale) making the price of the blad around $2.50 to $3 a blade.

But the reason I still bought from CVS this weekend was because if you bought the blades from them, you got the shaving cream free (I needed shaving cream anyways), and that saved me an extra few bucks ($3 to $4), and then, I still got to use my $1 coupon off the shaving cream – even though I had gotten it free!

So I think I made out well, except for this whole thing about having fusion power blades instead of regular fusion blades. But since I got two new blades with my new razor, I don’t have to worry about this for another month or so.

Conclusions on the new products – the blade and new shaving cream combination is excellent and I’m not sure which product is more responsible for this better shave, but I’ll try to isolate them over time.

Thank you for listening. As your reward, a hilarious article on Gillete Razors from the Onion. It’s a few years old, but still relevant. (Warning: Explicit content at this link!)

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