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The Various Versions of the Gettysburg Address and Real Excercise Apparently Helps Memory

From the wall street journal two days ago, here are two articles worth checking out: The first one involves real exercise being the best tool for keeping your memory (relevant to me and my family). Article 1: How to Keep … Continue reading

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Some Facebook Users Write on Walls, Others….

Rida called me up from the road the other day and asked me to send out an email to her professor. As I was browsing through her inbox trying to find the right e-mail to reply to, I couldn’t help … Continue reading

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Our Brother From Another Mother?

alright.. so Rizvi’s not exactly the equivelant of “Smith” in terms of… common..ality?…. But there are quite a few of us worldwide. So, reading about another Rizvi in a newspaper shouldn’t really cause us to run to our blog. However, … Continue reading

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