Our Brother From Another Mother?

alright.. so Rizvi’s not exactly the equivelant of “Smith” in terms of… common..ality?….

But there are quite a few of us worldwide. So, reading about another Rizvi in a newspaper shouldn’t really cause us to run to our blog.

However, what if the article’s about a Rizvi who’s in the entertainment biz? And the article’s not just in any newspaper, but rather, the Wall Street Journal. Well that is definitely blogworthy.

Check out the article (if you have access) on wsj.com about suhail rizvi, the owner of Rizvi Traverse Management LLC who are the controlling owners of ICM, one of the top 4 entertainment talent agencies. Here’s the info:
Defecting Staff and Stars, Doldrums In Hollywood Spur Changes at ICM
October 25, 2006; Page B1

You’re the man Mr. Rizvi.

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