The Various Versions of the Gettysburg Address and Real Excercise Apparently Helps Memory

From the wall street journal two days ago, here are two articles worth checking out:

The first one involves real exercise being the best tool for keeping your memory (relevant to me and my family).

Article 1:

How to Keep Your Aging Brain Fit: Aerobics
Forget Crossword Puzzles — Study Says
3 Hours of Exercise a Week Can Bolster Memory, Intellect
November 16, 2006; Page D1

The second article is a short one various versions of the Gettysburg Address and who owns them. Cool fact from the reading: J.P. Morgan offered $50k to buy the second draft (perhaps the actual reading copy). That $50k offer is around $1 mil today. But that’s nothing compared to what Bill Gates paid for Da Vinci’s papers: $30 mil.

Article 2:

Change of Address: The Gettysburg Drafts
November 16, 2006; Page D6

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