The Best Trailers: Discussion

For some reason, I don’t have the ability to comment on “Pages” within my blog, but I thought the discussion me and Jon had this morning on Trailers was worth posting, and would help remind you guys to check out my “Best Trailers” page.

Shahryar: in other news..
why aren’t we discussing i am legend
the new batman trailer
Jon: ok, lets get into it
Shahryar: alright..
i am legend..

(See I am Legend Review done within a Google Chat convo)
Shahryar: so in conclusion
Signs was well done
Jon: yeah
Shahryar: I am legend.. was not
alright.. and that pretty much concludes I am Legend
Jon: the dark night trailer
was awesome
Shahryar: yes.. I believe I will be adding this trailer to my best trailers list
Jon: ahh
i ve read your trailer blog before
is there anything new on there
Shahryar: not yet.. I need to put in this dark knight trailer though
I’m trying to figure out where it ranks
Jon: wheres it gonna rank?
Shahryar: there was one more trailer I saw recently
that I wanted to put in
Jon: have you seen the trailer for speedracer?
Shahryar: dark knight trailer def won’t rank in the top 5 – spiderman’s teaser, sin city, superman returns, once upon a time in mexico can’t be beat…
I think it’ll go right after superman returns
haven’t seen the trailer for speedracer
Jon: good spot
300 ‘s trailer didnt intrest you?
Shahryar: I liked it
but.. not in my top
oh wait..
spiderman 3!
that’s not on here right?
in superman returns
that trailer was awesome
even if the movie was shit
“… parker..”
that’s the one I gotta put that up here too
Jon: theres some i dont agree with in your list but for the most part, your pretty dead on
Shahryar: the ones I bet you won’t agree with are the ones which are a little more personal
corruptor, eraser
I can’t explain them
Jon: yea def
no, i get it
Shahryar: no dude.. that trailer’s awesome.. you ever seen that one?
its hilarious!
Jon: you ve shown it too me several times
your jaded by your love for seinfeld
Shahryar: the list will be at 15 now with the spiderman 3 addition..
and the dark knight addition

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