I am Legend Reviewed via an IM convo

Jon: ok, lets get into it
Shahryar: alright..
i am legend..
kinda blah
it was alright
kind of a fake “signs” with war or the worlds
Jon: yea exactly
the best part of that movie, is when hes yelling at the manniquin
fred, what the hell fred, lol
Shahryar: yeah.. that part was funny
but signs did it a lot better
Jon: there was soo much there for them to work with, they dropped the ball
Shahryar: yeah
it was pretty slow throughout.. so they had plenty of room
Jon: so the 3 rd remake was the best of the bunch
they should just sstop niow
Shahryar: that random “look at the butterfly” thing was such a fake “signs”
like the “swing away”
Jon: yea definilty, not as good as ” swing awya”
Shahryar: yep
now Signs was well done
Jon: yeah
Shahryar: I am legend.. was not
alright.. and that pretty much concludes I am legend

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