Micanos’s funny comment on Engadget

Shahryar: lol.. I’m dying here
read this

msheikh25: start reading from micanos post?

Shahryar: no, just micanos post

(but mcbunt kind of creeps me out)

i dont get it

Shahryar: that’s not funny?

I’m laughing

msheikh25: i dont get it

Shahryar: did you look at what the comment was talking about?

msheikh25: oh no

Shahryar: what the hell.. these are comments to the post.. you have to read the original post to get them
scroll up

…. moments later…

msheikh25: lol!

Shahryar: you jackass

msheikh25: u gotta tell me to look up at the article

thats kind of mean
its true though… lol
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