Seeing Dark Knight in DC on IMAX

Like many others out there, I too plan on seeing Dark Knight twice. I luckily saw it the first time in IMAX when I was in Vegas and plan on seeing it in IMAX again. Unfortunately, if you’re in DC since The Dark Knight’s opening night, you only had one option to watch the movie in IMAX which was in Chantilly, VA. The Dark Knight isn’t opening in DC’s IMAX until 8/8. I already bought my 5 tickets for that night for me, Rida, Shahan and a couple of friends.

For anyone else in the DC area who wants to see the Dark Knight on IMAX in DC, go to this link:

Be sure to buy your tickets in advance as they do seem like they are selling out early (at least they were in Chantilly).

Also, for reference, the DC IMAX links:

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