T-Mobile 3G coming in October for DC (and other places) and update on Nokia E71

Exciting news since I’m not leaving T-mobile anytime soon.

Update: as of 8/3/2008, this is the only helpful post I found on upcoming phones compatible with T-mobile upcoming 3G :

As I posted here, I hope there are some good phones to go with this so I can replace my N76 and Rida’s N82.

If only the E71 would come out w/ T-mobile bands, then Jon could replace his Dash with this (since he wants to stay T-mobile too). Maybe my cousin Shiraz should replace his Q with this though since he wouldn’t mind going T-mobile.

I’ve talked about the E71 before on 6/16/2008 and gave a bunch of few links in that post. Here are some newer links which have come up:

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