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Read comics for the iPhone/iPod Touch – and submit your own (if you’re ready)

I came across this article on viewing digital comics on an iPhone or iPod touch today over on The application is by iVerse Media and they are looking to have comics start for $.99. In addition to getting comic … Continue reading

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Our Justice League Season 1 on Blu-Ray should be arriving this coming Tuesday, August 19th – when is yours coming?

I’ve been excited about Justice League Season 1 coming on Blu-ray for while now, ever since I accidentally stumbled across this post over on I placed my pre-order via Slickdeals a few months back for the final price of … Continue reading

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New Batman: Arkham Asylum Game coming & insightful Joystiq comments

There’s a new Batman: Akham Asylum game coming according to Joystiq. What I found more interesting was in the discussion in the comments: There were props to the Batman Return game on Super NES by AK Also props to the … Continue reading

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The Microsoft Surface post on Engadget and the funny comments within

There was a nice post on Engadget last night on Microsoft’s new Surface (their interactive table). Here are the comments from within that made me laugh: And thatrotierkid’s response to SuperSexyErik(^_^) WixosTrix’s comment at Alber1690. bureX’s comment at Alex. This … Continue reading

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Ali’s subconscious dark and depressing doodling

One day, I was on the phone with T-mobile trying to help set up a family plan for Ali and while I was doing this,  he was just doodling on the bill we were taking notes on. Above is what … Continue reading

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The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor is the Worst movie of the year

Now I’m not sure if this latest Mummy counts as Mummy 3 or if Scorpion King counts as Mummy 3, so we’ll stick to calling this movie by its title: The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. And it’s important … Continue reading

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Furniture I want

I saw these Ally Trolleys on the inside cover of the July 6, 2008 Washington Post magazine. Here’s an image of them from the details page: I didn’t know anything about them because the Container Store just said, “sleek storage … Continue reading

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If only the HTC Advantage X7510 was on Sprint

If this device was on Sprint, it would solve all my problems problem (i.e. – The Mogul!). I found out about this device on an Engadget post today. Here’s a nice summary about this device from Nate (cut and pasted … Continue reading

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Wash Post: Nice Joker Article & Online discussion with Paul Levitz of DC Comics

I thought both of these were worth mentioning: Sunday, July 13th, 2008’s Washington Post had a nice article on the Joker by Hank Stuever which can be viewed online here: The Joker’s Onto Us What Does It All Mean When … Continue reading

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Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes gets A- in Washington Post

The July 27, 2008 Washington Post had a review on Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank. It was reviewed by Evan Narcisse and got an A-. In case you can’t read the screenshot I … Continue reading

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