The Best digiframe / alarm clock combo

I saw this post on Engadget and though it isn’t something I would get anytime soon, I thought it was worth noting some highlights of the discussion for other people who would. Or, maybe this would be something nice to have in a guest room.

Everyone talks about the Chumby, but I didn’t see any links for it and didn’t go out looking for them. But everyone seemed to be on the page with Chumby so I guess it’s easy to find info on this. This comment from Ian is pretty much the reason why I wouldn’t get a Chumby though – it’s pretty much too hard to snooze etc because of it’s full on touch screen interface.

But something maybe I should consider is the non-digiframe, vigrating alarm clock for those days you know it is going to be tough to get up:

This recommendation comes from Glenn here, and is available on Amazon here.

Somebody mentiond this Pandigital Photo Frame:

The review is on CNET over here.

And lastly Saix225 mentioned this Oregon Scientific model:

More info is available on over here.

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