The Financial Times & The Dark Knight (Batman)

The Financial Times had been mentioning the Dark Knight here and there. Usually positive sounding stuff. Here’s an article from July 21st, mentioning the record opening. And another nice article on Christopher Nolan.

Christopher Nolan

There was even an article in the FT discussing Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel and its cover:

But the review by Nigel Andrews was ridiculous. a) I didn’t even understand what the hell he was saying, b) What I did understand, I didn’t get what it had to do with anything. To make sure I wasn’t the only one, I pasted the review to a few other people. Their feedback:

Ali: ok that guy saw like
half the movie
and this review is so wrong
i dont know where to begin
heath ledger was awesome
america is not hijacked by anyone
he got the whole goddamn point wrong
it was about not succumbing to anarchy
not about us being held in the grips or bad guys
thats like only part of the movie
im going to fly to london
and punch nigel andrews in the face
and who the hell is john of gaunt!?

Ayman: hes talking about the dark knight being no good cuz its not made by americans?

Mo’s comments were a little racist lol:

Sent at 2:23 PM on Thursday
Mo: i think that article is saying that its not a good movie
the guy sounds like he is british for some reason

Shahryar: (Financial Times is a british newspaper
it’s what i subscribe to)

Mo: oh ok
yea……he sounds like a brit jerk
i hate they way they write
its just like the way they talk

Shahan’s was also a little Racist:


Shahan: all i have to say is


dude this guy is trying to find a buncha coincidences in the movie

and trying to play on global themes

like china’s vast investments into US capital

hes reading to much into the film

and tryna allude it to world politics

i think hes a moron




Shahryar: nice.. I’m adding your comments to Ali’s Mo’s and Ayman’s here:




Shahan: dude this was soo ridiculous

alis right, this movie was more about morality

good vs. evil and how there is a grey area in between

on pretty much everything

and i don’t trust any dude named Nigel, that seems to be the staple British name

– – –

The one good thing about the review though was that it made me aware of Hana Makhmalbaf’s Buddha Collapsed out of Shame. I’m adding that movie to my “To Watch” List.

– – – –

Not from the FT, but another rare bad review on the Dark Knight is here.

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