If only the HTC Advantage X7510 was on Sprint

If this device was on Sprint, it would solve all my problems problem (i.e. – The Mogul!). I found out about this device on an Engadget post today.

Here’s a nice summary about this device from Nate (cut and pasted from this comment here):
yea, somehow I don’t think there’ll be a ton of people here who were willing to put down that much change for such a device.
here’s a little bit of a critique that was on one of the page announcing availability. interesting sounding device.

“saq @ Jun 18th 2008 1:51PM

of my very wealthy customers ordered this device on my recommendation
and I got to play with it for a few days before he picked it up and
left for his annual trip around the world. (He loves the device btw).
PDA is really awesome, the screen and ergonomics of it are just perfect
for what its intended for. Even a 3.5″ screen is too small for touching
and other things.
The 5″ screen is perfect for Windows Mobile &
Internet functions (Opera Mobile 9.5), the magnetic keyboard is pretty
slick too and works pretty well. The device is thin and everything is
just awesome. It only has a few problems.
1: The device is also a
phone, it is speakerphone only. You better like bluetooth headsets
because that is all you are going to use. My customer has a different
phone he carries around, he was using a Universal before but not as a
phone, just PDA.
2: The thing is just slightly tall/wide to fit into
any pockets (shirt pocket, front pant pockets) so you need a holster to
carry this, which is slightly annoying.

Now, it is expensive, but why would you want it over a laptop?
life. This is a PDA so your battery life is stellar. I have a 12″
tablet with a 13 hour battery life and it wouldn’t be able to touch the

My summary is from my comment here:

Shahryar @ Aug 9th 2008 2:27AM

little more on the personal preference side, but if this (or something
like this) was out on Sprint, I’d buy it. I use two phones – my main,
personal phone (an N76 w/ T-mo) and my secondary, pda-phone (Mogul w/
Sprint). My set up of T-mo first/Sprint second isn’t changing anytime
soon because of the way my price plans are laid out.

So, w/
Sprint indefinitely set as my secondary phone, since I don’t use the
secondary phone all that often, I wouldn’t mind having to use speaker
or the bluetooth headset for calls. I’d care more about the data-driven
stuff I could do on it and this device seems like it it would do it.

I would also like WiMAX on it since WiMAX is coming soon (or out already?) to Baltimore and DC this year.

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