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I saw these Ally Trolleys on the inside cover of the July 6, 2008 Washington Post magazine. Here’s an image of them from the details page:

Ally Trolleys at the Container Store
I didn’t know anything about them because the Container Store just said, “sleek storage in motion” on the ad. I shot an email to the Container Store and they replied with the link on their page.

They would look good in our home office and would be handy for me to roll into my room next door when I need them. The downside is that they are $249 for the one w/ the drawers and $199 for the one without the drawers. A little too pricey for me right now.

Pouff Faux-Leather Floor Cushion Collection $24.99

I saw these in last week (Aug 3-9)’s weekly Target ad. Not sure where I could use these but I thought they would be nice too.

New Sofa for the family room:

An ad in today’s Washington Post for Creative Classics caught my eye. I went online to their website and found information on their sleepers here. here is a picture of what’s got my attention.

We need some new sofas in the family room, and since we have people here often, good sleepers would be nice.

Towne Denim Sleeper Sofa from World Market

I saw this in this week (8/10/2008) weekly ad for World Market. I’m not sure if I really need this, but it did catch my eye:

This is the biggest picture I could find of the sleeper in action:

A little too informer for the family room, but would be nice for a bedroom or casual room. It’s $249 in the weekly ad for World Market, but online, it’s $189.

Mia Cubby Desk or Quinton Sliding Desk at World Market

In last week’s World Market weekly ad (8/03/2008), two desks caught my eye, one of which I will probably like to grab for my bedroom by the door to put my stuff on:

Mia Cubby Desk

The Mia Cubby Desk is $99.

The Quinton Sliding Desk

The Quinton sliding desk is $149.

Added: 08/29/2008

World Market had a cool dining set that caught my eye in their 8/24/2008 to 9/7/2008 flyer: the Verona Extension Dining Set.

It’s $999. There are some other options online that are like this which have this bench, but this is the best looking (and unfortunately most expensive) one.

Updated: 9/19/2008

Does this count as “furniture”? The Container Store’s Walnut & Platinum elfa décor Walk-In Closet looks nice.

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