Our Justice League Season 1 on Blu-Ray should be arriving this coming Tuesday, August 19th – when is yours coming?

I’ve been excited about Justice League Season 1 coming on Blu-ray for while now, ever since I accidentally stumbled across this post over on Blu-ray.com. I placed my pre-order via Slickdeals a few months back for the final price of $33ish. It’s finally almost here.

In anticipation, I thought I’d revisit that Blu-ray.com post and point out some of the comments that caught my eye. I can’t link to them specifically, but one, I wanted to point out Michael.Schinke’s believe that this season was the one that wasnt done in widescreeen. Quickly after, mongojr corrects him saying they did two versions – one full and one cropped to widescreen. I agree with JustinCredible_13’s enthusiasm for Justice Leaugue Unlimited, but will have to wait until I watch the regular Justice Leaugue to see what’s better (I’ve seen all the Justice Leaugue Unlimited episodes and they are great. And lastly, Lucy Diamond made me aware of the Star-crossed series from Season 2. I’ll have to look out for that once thats out on Blu.

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