Some nice Graphic Novel recommendations from Amazon’s “looking for a beginner graphic novel for my mom” discussion

In the “looking for a beginner graphic novel for my mom” thread on Amazon, these recommendations caught my eye:

Z. Gibson says:

Yotsuba would be an awesome one…. it’s adorable and fun and light-hearted.PermalinkJ. Hyde says:Definitely a big +1 to the suggestion of Yotsuba… I’ve given my copies to lots of people who don’t read comics/manga and they’ve absolutely loved it and started reading lots of other ones from there!

Family friendly, cute, hilarious and just downright well written… great place to start for a mom!Permalink

Jeanne Digel says:Try “Bone” by Jeff Smith. You can find it on the shelf in the children’s section and yet friends with comics collections going back 30 years still love it too.PermalinkL. Hong says:I also second “Bone” by Jeff Smith, great easy to read book with lots of light hearted humor. Permalink


GREG NELSON says:Definitely agree with Bone….PermalinkJ. Stevenson says:Bone! I love that series :)


Superman: Secret Identity (and another recommendation for Bone)
Bob says:
“Bone,” definitely…
“Superman: Secret Identity” is a fun twist on the Superman theme. It isn’t set in the mainstream DC Comics universe. It’s about a young man whose parents named him Clark Kent, who has had to deal with teasing and Superman jokes his whole life… until the day he discovers he really has super-powers… Permalink
belly savalas says:….
If she likes Superheroes — Secret Identity Superman: Secret Identity is good…Permalink

Atlas Black: Managing to Succeed
Jeremy Short says:A graphic novel about two college students starting their own business.
Atlas Black: Managing to Succeed Permalink

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