Inception: Discussing what happened

Archie: yo

Shahryar: hello archie

Archie: so you’ve seen inception twice…what are your thoughts?
i watched it last night

Shahryar: I only saw inception once

Archie: not asking about the movie quality
but overall thoughts about your mind

Shahryar: ok.. so this discussion isn’t on the movie in terms of review
but what really happened

Archie: nope

Shahryar: ok
I’m pretty sure the events really happeend
if hte camera was one
another second
the spinning top would have fallen

Archie: so you think cobb got out of his dream?

Shahryar: yeah.. the big reason is that
when you’re in the dream
things that happen on the outside
come through
liek the water going everywhere

Archie: i just have this feeling that he’s still dreaming

Shahryar: the earthquakes etc
that’s sort of what they want you to think
but when you’re in a dream
things on the outside start affecting your dream
I’m pretty sure he made it ot
ultimately..he ended up 4 layers deep right?

Archie: somehow i don’t think he did

Shahryar: ok.. let’s work our way down

Archie: umm…

Shahryar: the real worlld.. the very top
they’re on a plane
ok? you with me

Archie: the plane is what makes us think its the real world
but ok keep going
lets just assume that the plane is the real world

Shahryar: yes.. the discussion that it’s not
is another discussion
but let’s assume it’s real

Archie: so the first layer is the kidnap scene in the warehouse

Shahryar: layer 1.. is the city sequence w/ the van falling off bridge
yes.. that’s layer 1
layer 2 – the hotel room

Archie: them inside the van and hotel is layer 2

Shahryar: no..inside van is layer 1.. inside hotel is layer 2

Archie: i’m just saying
them driving off in the van and then going to the hotel is the 2nd layer
so essentially, yes the hotel is layer 2

Shahryar: ummm.. you don’t have to look at it like that though.. you’re just adding confusion
kidnapping scene and van falign off bridge is same layer
that’s layer 1
hotel layer 2
snow fotress layer 3

Archie: yep
mal’s limbo is layer 4

Shahryar: yes

Archie: i think saito was in another layer in his limbo
so i would say that would be layer 5

Shahryar: old ken watanabe is… layer 5?
yeh.. that confused me a bit
because to get within each layer
they have to go to sleep w/in the dream
*to get below each layer
what did he do in mal’s dream
to get to the ken watanabe dream

Archie: nothing
he just said he’s gonna stay and look for saito

Shahryar: hmm.. ok
but let’s say saito is dream 5
he gets in there
finds saito

Archie: uh huh

Shahryar: (the dynamics of this are a little confusing.. but that’s fine)
finds him
makes him realzine what’s goign on
saito’s so deep in the subconscious

Archie: they didn’t really dive into the whole time lapse

Shahryar: no they tidd
they say time moves really fast in there

Archie: yeah i know they did
so i would assume that it multiplies even faster the more layers they dive down into

Shahryar: so basically.. so many layers down, he’s aged like crazy
good point
it’s like a squaring
not really just a multiple
andI never bothered to do the amth
to see is it just a simple multiplier

Archie: what was the ratio of time?
i forgot

Shahryar: or an exponential growth
I forgot too
but it makes sense if it’s exponential
because then on this 5th layer.. time is REALLY fast
versus just 5 times
*5 times x
so anyways.. gets in there
saito’s so confused on what’s going on … he’s either forgotten or never realized
(I’m guessing never realized)
so leo convinces him
that we gotta get out of here
and he pulls the gun tot he head

Archie: yeah

Shahryar: and they both get out

Archie: to get him out of limbo

Shahryar: exactly
so after going throughall the events
if you think they are still in limbo
it doesn’tm ake sense

Archie: what doesn’t make sense is the sequence of time
he keeps seeing his kids in his dreams
but at the end they’re still wearing the same clothes

Shahryar: yeah.. but that’s dismissable

Archie: and they never aged

Shahryar: well the belief is that the events happened recently?

Archie: assuming he’s been away from them for a long time

Shahryar: well the problem with thinking ANYTHING else.. mainly that he didn’t make it out

Archie: and how would michael caine know to pick him up at the airport afterwards?

Shahryar: you’re basically saying he went into ANOTHER layer of a dream
so in that OTHER LAYER
everyone’s the same and ken watanabe was back to normal age?
you get what I’m saying?

Archie: yeah i get what you’re saying

Shahryar: one thing about inception that bothered me
was that you can have multiple dreams in one night
all parallels
when they talk about jumping dream to dream
they talk about layers within
a dream within a dream
NOW.. we could beleive that leo is now in a new dream

Archie: yeah but that would have to make use of the briefcase

Shahryar: but that rule was never established in this movie

Archie: unless it is limbo

Shahryar: that you could have differnet dreams

Archie: that’s the one thing i appreciated chris nolan did
he didn’t emphasize the briefcase in the movie at all
cause if he did, we would everything was back to normal

Shahryar: yeah.. but there are other things to look out for
when you are in a dream
such as what’s happening in the real world

Archie: yeah the physics change

Shahryar: right
and the physics weren’t changing when leo woke up on plane
that’s a long time to go w/out physics changing
well.. unless time’s moving insanely fast in this new dream
where he thinks he woke up
all signs point to him waking up for real
other than the top still spining
there’s not enough other weird shit goign on
which makes you realize they are in a dream
like a train in themiddle of a road

Archie: i would like to say that it fell down
remember that top wasn’t his totem
it was mal’s totem
remember when he said never touch anyone else’s totem

Shahryar: yeah.. but we’veseen him use that totem before

Archie: with him taking mal’s totem, maybe the psychic of the totem falling at the end might be a trick
because it could be useless…

Shahryar: the totem for him is useless because he has mal’s totem

Archie: or maybe that leo has planted in his subconscious that he’s still dreaming and he’s commanding the subjet (the totem) not to fall

Shahryar: so he really is in a dream because that totem is still spinning
I think the better discussion is tha tthe whjole time
the top layer
is a dream
because remember the discussion mol brought up
about it being werird
that he’s on the run and doing all this crazy shit
JUST over businesses?
that’s what madem e wonder if this top layer was a dream
you ever see 13th floor?

Archie: yes i saw the 13th floor but don’t remember shit about it

Shahryar: it’s very similar
they would jack into this fake world
and do shit in it

Archie: yep

Shahryar: and then get back out to the real world
and then at the end we learn
that the main movie

Archie: i remember that part but nothing else about it

Shahryar: was actlually a fake world
and at the end he waks up in the real world
which is wayin the future
and he’s married to that chick he likes
gretchen mol
that was that movie’s twist

Archie: uh huh

Shahryar: now.. the prob with thinking the same thing in this movie
is that physics all seem ordinary
ni the top laye
*in the top layer
you know you’re in a dream when the physics are different pretty much it seems
well.. altho ken watabe’s limbo didn’t seem to be affected by antyhing

Archie: it would only make sense that leo was living in mal’s dream at the end which we think is the real world

Shahryar: but mal’s dead

Archie: cause mal is dead but her dreams are still implanted in leo’s head
much like cobb’s limbo
he made the city with mal

Sent at 11:24 AM on Monday
Shahryar: I don’t know.. I thought it abotu it a lot when it ended
the easy solution is that he really got out

Archie: well yeah

Shahryar: to think anything further, it gets cofnusing
beause the rules are somewhat confusing

Archie: that’s what the movie is intended for you to do
and it gives the movie a lot of value

Shahryar: yeah, it’s an awesome concept

Archie: i think nolan did a great job in making you extend the movie in your imagination

Shahryar: agreed
you ever see memento?

Archie: yep

Shahryar: he did something similar with that
but that was based on a short story I think
this one I believe was all him

Archie: i think that movie did a better job stitching the layers together
but to each his own

Shahryar: yeah, memento’s much more solid
fwiw to tackle this concept regarding dreams is insane
Nolan probably deserves a B+ regarding everything
all the things we all know
“The kick”
“dreams don’t have a start”

Archie: dreams don’t really have a start

Shahryar: yep
that was cool

Archie: that i can agree with him on

Shahryar: and the kick
when we get thrown out a dream
when we fall or something

Archie: the kick was rather weird

Shahryar: no?
you’ve never had that
I have that all the time

Archie: no i’ve heard of it

Shahryar: you wake up right when you fall

Archie: but i think the kick should’ve happened when the van started rolling over
now that i think about it
remember in the beginning scene when leo was doing his Mr. Charles trick

Shahryar: hmm. what hapepend then
I sort of remember that

Archie: that scene was actually towards the end when he went into saito’s limbo
the confusion behind that was that mal was in that same limbo
but before he found saito in limbo, he had to defeat mal’s limbo
so why would mal be in saito’s limbo if she’s already gone?

Shahryar: ok wait
the scene i the beginnging
when leo dicaprio is on beach
and then dreagged into room
w/ old siato

Archie: yes

Shahryar: is from the end of the movie
they just showed it early

Archie: i think so

Shahryar: the next scene
where e’s young
that’s the official first start in sequence of events
of the movie’

Archie: yes

Shahryar: right
ok.. let’s stop this discussion
I’ll puto n my blog
and we can share
I think we covered everything

Archie: it’s very confusing when you try and stitch everything together

Shahryar: I know
ok.. are we done on this topic?
I’m about to throw it online

Archie: ummm…what topic were we discussing?

Shahryar: …
ok, we’re done

Archie: lol

Shahryar: ok.. hold for link please

Archie: we started off if we thought if leo was still dreaming or not
but we branched off everywhere else

Shahryar: no we stuck w/ topic

Archie: oh ok then
it’s all in my head!
i’m dreaming!

Shahryar: *sigh
do you want me to include this bad joke in our transcript oo”

Archie: no it’s ok

Shahryar: no I will

Archie: i’ll stay in my limbo

Shahryar: let it be a lesson to you

Rida’s add on:

Rida: what is archie’s conclusion?
about inception?
i think they all made it out alive!
happy ending for all!

Sent at 11:31 AM on Monday
Rida: hmm
seems you do not want to share w/me
well the only thing this snag on
is the fact that the kids may have been in teh same outfits
but it hink
in the created world
the girl fell to woke up
so she did
he killed himself
to go one level deeper
and ended up on the shore
to find siko
siko was an old man by then and asks “are you here to kill me”
not in a scared way
but in a nonchalant way
meaning, he’s been waiting for someone to bring him home…he jsut doens’t remember where/what home is
by that point
dicaprio knows the sedatative has worn off
which allowed the girl to fall and wake up
so he knew
if he kills himself in that world
(oh wait, he doens’t kill himself…his wife stabbed him)
if he kills himself in Siko’s world
they’ll wake up since the rule of dying wakes you up is reinstated since th sedation has worn off
the only thing that may not work is if the kids are in tehs ame outfits
if so
it’s a dream
if not, it’s real life

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