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Random Dexter Dream I had last night

*Dexter spoiler alert: don’t read unless you’re fully caught up* Last night I had a weird Dexter dream.  It actually was breaking bad’s formula – from season 2 at least – of at the beginning of the season, showing the … Continue reading

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Dexter’s best lines/quotes in Season 4

Finished watching Dexter Season 4 again and I wanted to capture the best lines/quotes in Dexter Season 4, All said (or thought) by Dexter: 3) “No more confessions, no more good deeds, and no more ****ing remorse!” 2) “I should … Continue reading

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Wizard August 2010 Highlights

Not much caught my eye in this issue. In the “Not Fit for Print” section, Superman: Peace on Earth and Batman: war on crimewere mentioned as “successful tabloid projects.”  I’ve never heard of these two so I’m interested. Also Daredevil: Born Again depending on if … Continue reading

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