Random Dexter Dream I had last night

*Dexter spoiler alert: don’t read unless you’re fully caught up*

Last night I had a weird Dexter dream.  It actually was breaking bad’s formula – from season 2 at least – of at the beginning of the season, showing the final images that we would see at the very end.  And then throughout the season, you make your way to it.  The images I saw? Dexter himself cut up into pieces in some room (don’t think it was a shipping container or that would be really amazing).  The dream then touched (though I can’t remember the details) on how this would all start.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had a dream about Dexter.  I had one earlier to which revolved around the surprising events.  That was another scenario proposed by my subconscious which took place in a hotel with Dexter wandering room to room looking for answers.  The difference between what happened in that dream and what happened really on the show was that Dexter didn’t know what had happened.

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