Discussing DC animated movies over twitter

@shahryar ShahryarI want to come to New York City to see this now RT: @R1i: ‘Superman/Batman: Apocalypse’ Theater Premiere Dates http://is.gd/f5PUc

http://twitter.com/#!/shahryar/status/24207132716asgharhzaidi:@shahryar is superman/batman apocalypse a new animated movie? I still havent gotten a chance to check out public enemies

http://twitter.com/#!/asgharhzaidi/status/24207728674shahryar:@asgharhzaidi @darthraider81 yes, I believe the next Superman/Batman is a follow up to Public Enemies which is really awesome

@asgharhzaidi @darthraider81 Of the DC animated movies I’ve seen, superman/batman is best. Gotham Knight was ok.. Final Frontier blah
http://twitter.com/#!/shahryar/status/24208438946asgharhzaidi:@shahryar what did you think of Under the Red Hood?


@asgharhzaidi @shahryar I saw under the red hood I liked it Jason Todd is a pretty interesting character and I really like Nightwing in it.11 SepFavoriteRetweetReply

@shahanrizvi @asgharhzaidi yes forgot to mention under the hood. That’s another good dc animated movie but i think superman/batman’s better


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