“30 Minutes or Less” reviewed quickly on Facebook

  • ShahryarWatching the midnight show of 30 minutes or less with my cousin. Please be good.AMC Columbia 14Shahryar just checked in @ AMC Columbia 14 (w/ 3 others) (Columbia, MD)foursquare13 hours ago via Foursquare · Privacy: · Like · 
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      • Ozair Soooo… how was it?8 hours ago
      • Rafe ‎1-10?3 hours ago
      • Shahryar ‎4 – Had a few moments but considering the cast (not sure who the writer and director were) incredibly disappointing. The story was ridiculous and was completely unbelievable on how it flowed. The acting for the most part bad – which was also unexpected. Regarding the jokes, way more misses than hits. And the the big action moments felt like they were more forced in than an arranged marriage. I should have watched this movie in my living room passively late in the night on Comedy Central while on my laptop.2 minutes ago · Like
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