The Hilarious Jason Weems at last night’s Cool Cow Comedy Show at VisArts in Rockville


Cool Cow Comedy, a stand-up comedy production by Rahmein Mostafavi, has one of its many shows held at VisArts once a month.  Yesterday I featured in the show, Rahmein MC-ed, and Sean Joyce did a guest spot.

But the star of the show was definitely Jason Weems who I have always performed with at various venues around the area, but this is the first time I actually watched him do a full show.  Jason is known best for his crowd work and yesterday was no exception. He said himself at the end that he probably only did 4 jokes.

Out of all the crowd work he did yesterday, my favorite part was when he was talking to an older woman in the front who was sitting by herself and asking why she was alone. The older woman explained that because she couldn’t see or here well, she was sitting at the front and her group (a mix of friends and family if I recall correctly) were sitting in the back.  At that point Jason requested the house lights turn on so he could find the group who abandoned this nice woman.  When they confessed, he went back there to confront them (what occurred in the pic), and then brought some of the members to the front to sit with the old woman who was abandoned.

It was a great night and the type of quality to expect from Jason Weems, a Cool Cow Comedy Show, and the DC Stand-up scene in general.

The next Cool Cow Comedy VisArts show is in May but there will be other ones too. Check out the site:

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