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Cyriaque Lamarthis’s hilarious review of “Frank Miller’s Holy Terror” on io9

I’m not sure how I stumbled across Cyriaque Lamarthis’s  review of Frank Miller’s Holy Terror on io9 several years ago, but I thought it was hilarious when I found it. I remember going through Frank Miller’s blog once and thinking, “man this guy … Continue reading

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Starting another X-Files rewatch

I watched X-Files when it was airing. Then around 2007 iirc, I did a rewatch via DVD. I was bummed by the movie that came out a couple years later. Now, with the new mini-series coming out again, I’ve decided … Continue reading

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The Hilarious Jason Weems at last night’s Cool Cow Comedy Show at VisArts in Rockville

Cool Cow Comedy, a stand-up comedy production by Rahmein Mostafavi, has one of its many shows held at VisArts once a month.  Yesterday I featured in the show, Rahmein MC-ed, and Sean Joyce did a guest spot. But the star … Continue reading

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Why TV beats movies

I said this in our Breaking Bad GroupMe today. I thought it was a thought worth holding onto: “Shows like breaking bad are why TV beats movies now. No limitations to Character and Situation development. If Nolan had the freedom … Continue reading

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Highlights from Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles

Season 2: Ep 10: “Stranger Things at the One Two Point”- When Xander the IT guy says he never knew his mom who died in 1984 in an accident (reference to Terminator 1 I assume)

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Community Season 3, Episode 4 (s03e04) Remedial Chaos Theory: Best Episode of season so far

This past Thursday’s episode of Community (Season 3, Episode 4, Remedial Chaos Theory) was the best one this season and the best one since the Season 2. I have a bunch of comments in this post: Here’s a copy … Continue reading

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Exhibit: “Cory Arcangel’s reworking of Nintendo games,” Smithsonian American Art Museum

“ Watch This! New Directions in the Art of the Moving Image Indefinitely3rd Floor, North In this new permanent gallery dedicated to the media arts, the museum takes stock of the cutting-edge tools and materials used by video artists during the … Continue reading

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“30 Minutes or Less” reviewed quickly on Facebook

ShahryarWatching the midnight show of 30 minutes or less with my cousin. Please be good.AMC Columbia 14Shahryar just checked in @ AMC Columbia 14 (w/ 3 others) (Columbia, MD)foursquare13 hours ago via Foursquare · Privacy: · Like ·  · Shahryar on foursquare Zara likes this. Ozair Soooo… how was it?8 hours … Continue reading

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Breaking Bad’s Best Lines

 ”You don’t want a Criminal Lawyer.. You want a Criminal… Lawyer” (Season 2, Episode 8 ) “Your Boss is going to need me”  (Season 3, Finale)

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The Best Trailers

I love watching trailers. They get me excited, or get me sad, or make me laugh.. all within a few minutes.  Trailers for the most part suck. They usually give away too much story, or just follow a simple formula … Continue reading

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