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Starting another X-Files rewatch

I watched X-Files when it was airing. Then around 2007 iirc, I did a rewatch via DVD. I was bummed by the movie that came out a couple years later. Now, with the new mini-series coming out again, I’ve decided … Continue reading

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Why TV beats movies

I said this in our Breaking Bad GroupMe today. I thought it was a thought worth holding onto: “Shows like breaking bad are why TV beats movies now. No limitations to Character and Situation development. If Nolan had the freedom … Continue reading

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Highlights from Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles

Season 2: Ep 10: “Stranger Things at the One Two Point”- When Xander the IT guy says he never knew his mom who died in 1984 in an accident (reference to Terminator 1 I assume)

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Community Season 3, Episode 4 (s03e04) Remedial Chaos Theory: Best Episode of season so far

This past Thursday’s episode of Community (Season 3, Episode 4, Remedial Chaos Theory) was the best one this season and the best one since the Season 2. I have a bunch of comments in this post: Here’s a copy … Continue reading

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Breaking Bad’s Best Lines

 ”You don’t want a Criminal Lawyer.. You want a Criminal… Lawyer” (Season 2, Episode 8 ) “Your Boss is going to need me”  (Season 3, Finale)

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Random Dexter Dream I had last night

*Dexter spoiler alert: don’t read unless you’re fully caught up* Last night I had a weird Dexter dream.  It actually was breaking bad’s formula – from season 2 at least – of at the beginning of the season, showing the … Continue reading

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Dexter’s best lines/quotes in Season 4

Finished watching Dexter Season 4 again and I wanted to capture the best lines/quotes in Dexter Season 4, All said (or thought) by Dexter: 3) “No more confessions, no more good deeds, and no more ****ing remorse!” 2) “I should … Continue reading

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Ashton Kutcher Saturday Night Live

I only caught the end of this Ashton Kutcher Saturday Night Live (SNL) episode but there’s a good summary of this episode here: But I really felt this episode was blog-worthy thanks to the Rahm Emanuel skit I caught: … Continue reading

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Our Justice League Season 1 on Blu-Ray should be arriving this coming Tuesday, August 19th – when is yours coming?

I’ve been excited about Justice League Season 1 coming on Blu-ray for while now, ever since I accidentally stumbled across this post over on I placed my pre-order via Slickdeals a few months back for the final price of … Continue reading

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A Season 2 Review of Smallville on that’s pretty accurate

I came across this review on of Smallville Season 2 on DVD today while looking for Smallville threads discussing Miles Millar & Alfred Gough so I could try and figure out why the new Mummy Dragon Emperor was so … Continue reading

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