To Watch

Street Fighter Alpha

(Udon, $12.95)
Masahiko Nakahira’s adaption
– Found this out from an issue of Wizard, from summer or spring 2007 I believe (mentioned on Page 191, on the other side of page is mention of PATHFINDERDVD on 7/31)

Football Undercover

recommended by Ayman on 8/1/2008:

Ayman: oh interesting
at the tribeca film festival
me and saman watched a documentray called “football under cover”
and it was about iranian women soccer players
niit was so good
football under cover?
I may have to check that out

Ayman: yeah it was really interesting

Buddha Collapsed out of Shame

by Hana Makhmalbaf. Found out about this movie in the movie review of Dark Knight by Nigel Andrew’s in the Financial Times. I go off on his review here, but the good thing about this review is that it did make me aware of this new movie for me to watch.

As Tears Go By

added 8/21/2008

First heard about here in Friday, August 15th’s Washington Post as part of the Hong Kong Film Festival. Directed by Wong Kar-Wai. This is the “1988 film that put the filmmaker in business.”

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